Leaping fear and starting to create.

Wednesday 16th December, 2020

I always use to have the fear of rejection. I used to seek validation and I feared criticism. I used to wonder about writing but not able to do so. I gather all my courage and start to create this blogging site and this blog.

I start by looking on the web for inspiration for a blog site design. I wanted it to be minimal and readable. But the majority of the blogging sites are just the opposite. I took a break from searching and start to use my Instagram and I stumble upon a story of Swapnil Dai, which was about his recent blog post and I jump to his site and started reading. And that was the “ढुंगा खोज्दा देउता भेटियो!” point, he has one of the best minimalist and elegant blog site design. After spending some time on his site, I rolled up my sleeves and started as if I will just be inspired by it but I ended up making the structure same. But Gulzar once told in his interview that

‘People starting new, should first learn to copy then enhance their skill through the time.’

So, with that principle, I developed this site. The about section is purely some basic layout and design. I want the readers to have more focus on my article and have a good time reading.

What next?

As for now, I will be sharing my candid thoughts over the subjects that encounter, my travel tales, my company updates, some stupid experiments and many more.


Whatever is our goal, We do need to take the first step towards it. We just need to take the baby steps and we can get to the point we wanted to be. We need to ignore our fear and control our expectations of creating a perfect product on a single go. We just need to focus on the process and the process will teach us, guide us and empowered us.

If you reached up-to this paragraph I am very thankful 🙏 for your patience and I hope you enjoyed reading this. Talk to you soon! 👋

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